Why The Client Nurturing System

The Client Nurturing System Cycle

Everything starts with the spark of life.

These are potential customers that first came to you for your product or service. You may already have a marketing or lead generation campaign and an abundant source of leads. You go through your normal flow and process to close as many as possible. So if you have leads, but the sales are slipping, you may have a “client acquisition” problem.

Where there is life, there is death.

Not everyone survives the process and unfortunately do not qualify for your products or services. What do you do with them? Do you have the ability and resources to bring them back? In a real-life situation, that is why many of us don’t have our own ambulances and hospitals. There is a service for that. You call the emergency line, someone comes, resuscitate, revive and recover them. Client Nurturing System does something similar, but only in lead generation and sales manner.

Resuscitate your dead leads.

With our program, we are able to resuscitate your lost and dead leads that would otherwise be forgotten or never able to reach their full potential. You could be generating dozens to hundreds or thousands of leads, depending on your industry, but what percentage are dropping off if you close only 1% or 5% or 10%? That is why you need a hands-free process that will bring these potential customers back to you and ready to buy!

To revive, we need to nurture.

Advocates we primarily work with have customers that must qualify for financing based off of credit scores, credit history and debt-to-income standards. That means if you have a potential customer struggling with any of these criteria, we must first get them cleaned up and prepared for you. That is all part of the nurturing process. We help boost their scores, clean their credit history and work on improving their debt-to-income ratio.

To complete the Client Nurturing System, we need recovery.

After a complete nurturing process with our credit repair team, our attorneys or debt relief partners, we send them back directly to you ready to take on the challenge. We cannot guarantee their success, but we can guarantee to do all we can to get them ready to try again. The rest is up to you and your team.

What the Client Nurturing System process looks like.

How to get into Client Nurturing System?

Select the plan that's right for you.

We need to first determine how many leads you are not able to close on a monthly basis. These are the potential customers we have to help resuscitate, revive, recover for you through our nurturing process. We would also determine whether you could use extra leads.

After selecting your plan, onboarding begins.

We’ll need you to get on a call with one of our technicians to determine what programs or platforms you are using to manage your leads and customers. We will need to determine whether we can automatically connect to your system to send out leads to and from different platforms.

Getting your operation setup.

Once we have the information and access we need, we will setup your automation system so that you can constantly track and see where your leads are going and when they are returned to you. Your leads are exclusively yours and never shared with another Advocate.

Retrieving customers is easy.

Our automation program does this automatically. You’ll receive notifications via email and text to know that your customer has completed the nurturing process and being returned to you. It is now up to you to get the customer through the finish line.

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