Final Message

Last but not least, we have described the most important steps and advice for a debt free living but for sure, this is not enough, you should always think in a convenient way, especially for larger purchases.

You do not need too many credit cards; one major card with least annual fee or even without annual fees is the best thing to pay your bills at the end of the month efficiently.

Use cash for everyday purchases (low purchases between $10 and $50). According to studies, when stores allowed customers to use their credit card, the average sale increased significantly. No comment! This is very bad, because you will be paying interest even for foods and drinks! This is not acceptable.

Credit card is not always a magical card in your pocket; unfortunately it turns to a weapon easily.

Do not turn into a machine, take responsibility. You can maintain a good lifestyle without drowning into debts. Take the time to create a realistic budget.

Do you know that the credit card industry now derives 35% of its revenues from fees!!! If you have one credit card, only use it to charge things that you can pay for at the end of the month and can avoid paying those interests, which can result in you paying double or triple for your purchases and having less money to spend on other things.

When you’re just starting out on your own, Write down your goals then set up a Budget! Sit down and look at your expenses and your income. Be realistic. Don’t be foolish. Some of the things that most people want are things I’m going to cover anyway
Even with good debt you want to think twice before taking it on.